metal detector for small size food product
metal detector,metal detectors machine for foods products inspection

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1.Adapt phase discriminating technology that can efectively refrain product effect;
2.Adapt advanced DSP technology and leading intelligent algorithm which can improve detection
Sensitivity and promote stability of the machine;
3.Be able to detect various metals like iron,stainless steel,copper and aluminum,etc.
4.LCD display,Chinese&English operation menu;
5.Self-learning function contributes toautomatically choose suitable working parameters according to different products;
6.Memory funcion for registering various product.
7.Fit to check fresh meat,fruit,wet food with small weight
8.Speed from 20m/min to 40m/min
9.Simple conveyor structure makes it convenient to disassemble and assemble;
10.Special design of conveyor belt to avoid deviation;
11.Excellent quality with attractive price;
12.Made of stainless steel,fairly good waterproof ability.
The equipment is widely used in Aquatic products,meat and poultry produtcs,preserved food,flour products,dried fruit,vegetables chemical materials,medical drugs,toys and primary products, etc……

Technical Parameter :

Detection tunnel 300*120mm
Sensitivity Feφ0.8mm; SUSφ1.5mm;Non-feφ1.2mm
Detection height(mm) :120mm
Detection width(mm): 300mm
Power(W) :200-400
Belt speed(m/min):20 ~40
Alarm method:
Alarm to stop transfer or reject setting


Detection tunnel height Detection Sensibility
100mm Fe 0.8mm Non-fe 1.2mm Sus 1.5mm
120mm Fe 0.8mm; Non-fe 1.2 Sus 1.5mm
150mm Fe 1.0mm Non-fe 1.5mm Sus 2.0mm
200mm Fe 1.0mm Non-fe 1.5mm Sus 2.0mm